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Morgan: Hello, Dave. Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Dave: -Hello, I'm DAVE CHAPLIN, from KANJIKLUB KUSTOMS. I've been a fan of STAR WARS since I saw the first movie in 1977, and over the last few years I've been making costumes and line-up themed lines. STAR WARS, which I exhibit alongside members of the VADER'S RAIDERS

Morgan: And since when have you wanted to bring your own creations to life?

Dave: -As far as I can remember, I have always built models and dioramas. I then turned to costume making when the VADER'S RAIDERS started a few years ago.

Morgan: And what is your biggest achievement in your eyes?

Dave: - Having started my own family and having 3 wonderful daughters.

Morgan: Any new projects in the works?

Dave: -Always! (Smiley). Right now I'm working on a new costume: A mix of STORMTROOPER and MANDALORIAN. And the last line I made was BABU FRIK, from the last STAR WARS movie

Morgan: Are you a merchandise collector yourself. ?

Dave: -Yes. I have all of that. I have a large collection. I have been collecting STAR WARS toys for almost 40 years.

Morgan: Is there a size that you prefer?

Dave: -I love the 6 "BLACK SERIES

Morgan: Who is your favorite STAR WARS character?

Dave: it has always been the STORMTROOPER

Morgan: Can you tell us about your experience at the UNIVERSTAR convention?

Dave: Yeah. Very easily. I really like your event. So yes, it's true, we went to bigger conventions, but your welcome and that of all the people we met in France was incredible. So, hand on heart, I would say UNIVERSTAR is the best!

Morgan: What can we wish you for the future?

Dave: May the STAR WARS adventure continue so that I can build more models and accessories

Morgan: What's your favorite STAR WARS movie?

Dave: It's very difficult to choose. But I loved ROGUE ONE.

Morgan: A final word for our readers?

Dave: I can't wait to take the ferry back to the next edition of the UNIVERSTAR convention and it was cool to chat. LOVE FROM THE U.K.

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