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Morgan: Hello Jason, and thank you for giving us this interview for our first issue of the UNIVERSTAR MAGAZINE ... Can you give us a few words about VADER'S RAIDERS?

Jason: The VADER'S RAIDERS are here to have fun, bring smiles to the faces of young and old, make dreams come true, meet friends and raise money for charities across the UK

Morgan: How long has the band been around?

Jason: The VADER'S RAIDERS were founded by Jason and Maria and started their activity in January 2018

Morgan: And how many Cosplayers have joined you?

Jason: Over 50 across the UK, of which around 36 are in England, we have members all over the world, that's a lot. And it's pretty amazing ...

Morgan: Tell us now about your CHEWBACCA Cosplay… Why exactly did you choose this character?… And where did you find this costume?

Jason: I've been doing Cosplay for almost 20 years. My first Cosplay was BOBBA FETT and since then I have done Jedi, Stormtroopers and VADOR, but I always wanted to be CHEWIE.The costume was made for me in December 2017, and it was a revelation from the first day I wore it.Everyone loves Wookies.It's true. And it really is your best costume… For which you had to learn to walk with heels-The photo dates from that famous first day and I had little time to get used to heels, because it was a surprise to Maria who was unaware that I had received the costume. And she didn't even guess I was the one wearing it.

Morgan: How many events do you go to each year?

Jason: We go out every Weekend and sometimes have two or three events in the same day. I would say a hundred a year.

Morgan: And in everyday life, do you have a job?

Jason: Yeah. I am a warehouse manager for a printing company. But I live and I will die for STAR WARS

Morgan: Speaking of STAR WARS, you are also a big collector.

Jason: Yeah. My house is a kind of museum dedicated to STAR WARS. I have been collecting derivative products since 1977

Morgan: And what do you think of the future STAR WARS series and the next saga?

Jason: It's in the scheme of things, and it's going to create the next generation of fans. There are still a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of characters that can still be developed, so I think the future holds good promise.

Morgan: Can you tell us about your experience with the UNIVERSTAR convention?

Jason: UNIVERSTAR .. What can I say? ... TOP hosts and a great event. Now is the moment we are looking forward to the most in the year: We meet so many really welcoming people who do what we ALL love, we keep smiling there, and love for each other It was incredible. It proved to us that even the language barrier is not a problem: LOVE TO ALL AT UNIVERSTAR, and that we still have many great moments together. Thank you very much ...

Morgan: The pleasure is shared ... Do you have anything new for the end of the year?

Jason: Yeah. Lots of new decors and accessories.

Morgan: Great, what can we wish for the VADER'S RAIDERS?

Jason: We will always come with a surprise. And next time will be no exception to this rule.

Morgan: A final word for our readers?

Jason: On a personal level as well as on behalf of the VADER'S RAIDERS, I would like to thank everyone at UNIVERSTAR for their warm welcome and for allowing us to be a part of such a great and beautiful event, and I am including everything here the world: The organizers, the other guests, everyone who came to attend, and even this crazy team of security guards LOVE TO YOU ALL Stay healthy and see you soon

Morgan: Thank you very much for your friendship.

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