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"Interview with Keith de Winter (our Godfather)

Morgan: Hello keith and thanks for giving us this interview, can you introduce yourself in a few lines for our readers?

keith: My name is KEITH DE WINTER I am an actor and performer specializing in the roles of Creatures I have been in the business for over 25 years I live in UK and have been fortunate enough to work in different parts of the world. As a Stage Artist, I like to stay in shape. And since I love Sport a lot, I go so far as to play it indoors. I have a wonderful family who are everything to me, and the support they have shown me over all these years has been extraordinary.

Morgan: Can you tell us more about your professional career?

Keith: Before STAR WARS crossed my path, I was mainly a figurative actor and. I mostly performed roles requiring the wearing of costumes. I worked a lot in the theater where I regularly played the role of Panto Dame (For the uninitiated: A pantomime actor specializing in female roles), something I still do today.As a movie actor, I have been involved in a lot of low budget feature films and have also helped to the creation of a character for an animated film by practicing "Motion Capture

Morgan: How did you get into the Star Wars universe?

Keith: In 2013, I went on tour to Saudi Arabia with a show called "BARNEY AND HIS FRIENDS" LIVE! In which I played the role of BJ, a really cute dinosaur. It was a show that we sang throughout. and was dancing and had a plot centered around Barney the Dinosaur. This role relied a lot on mime techniques, as we were following pre-recorded dialogue on tapes and we had to pretend we were really talking. Our mouths weren't manipulable independently, we had to exaggerate our movements to interpret what was being said. What didn't help was that, once in the costume, we didn't see much, so the rehearsals were choreographed until The choreographer of this show had worked on many films and series in which nil had played a lot of Creatures, but he was best known for his work on DR WHO. nt admitting to me that he thought I had also worked on the show and was surprised that I had never done it.After the end of the tour, I received a call from my agent who told me that the The production team of a film that was going to be filmed was interested in my work and wanted to arrange a Rendez-Vous with me for a casting. The production of the film having to remain secret, they could not tell me what it was. But, since I knew where the filming was to take place, I also knew that only one movie had to start filming there. Like most of the castings I go to, I resigned myself not to see the opportunity to participate in it to materialize ... In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I told myself that it would never happen.During the months that followed, my agent kept telling me that the people in charge of the cast of the film always wanted to meet me, but they kept seeing other actors of different sizes.

Keith (continued): When I finally got the phone call inviting me to come to the Pinewood Studios, I was speechless and all I could think of was what a successful casting was going to entail for Me - I remember on the day of the interview I just sat in the LucasFilm reception looking at all those movie posters that covered the walls - all the STAR WARS posters - and it was a shock in itself. So you can imagine what a peculiar state I was when I suddenly heard a familiar voice and, looking up, saw Simon Pegg walk through the door to leave… Simon Pegg! It was unreal! I was then greeted by Brian from "the" Production (none other than the extremely talented Brian Herring, who animated BB-8 in the movies) who took me straight to the Creatures Department for me to try. a head (For that, you are literally covered with a mixture of silicone and plaster to obtain a cast of your head). During this time, I kept thinking "What is hearing going to consist of? \" “The next step was to meet Sculptor Concept Engineer Luke Fisher, who discussed with me a particular character he had designed for the movie. And although I still haven't been told which movie it was a question, everything around me confirmed to me that it was indeed the one I had never ceased to think about. Then it was the turn of the "Costumes" department. And all the while, I always wondered what they expected of me at the audition. When that was all done, it was time to meet the leader of the die.part of the Creatures, Neil Scanlan. I had never met him before, but I knew his work and knew that he had won an Oscar. While waiting for the elevator that was to take us to the floor above, I was greeted from: 'Welcome to STAR WARS "... which, even then, was barely a whisper! In shock, my response was:" Am I going to play the character I just saw? "... and I learned that I had been recommended for the role by the film's “Creatures Coordinator” Paul Kasey, the choreographer of “Barney and Friends” LIVE!

Morgan: What are your best memories of the Star Wars that you shot?

Keith: I have loads of wonderful memories from working on The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi Here is my fondest memory: I not only met Carr, but I also spent my first and last days of filming with her. It's gratifying to think of how many sets were built "hard" and not just made of digital images, too. Of course there were green backgrounds, but having real sets was amazing, everything to see Carrie Fisher evolve to one side while, deep down, I programmed a robot. Here, it reminds me of the time when, during rehearsals during the filming of The Force Awakens, Neil Scanlan announced that we had a special guest watching us. I thought I didn't care because inside Goss's head I couldn't see anything! It was ANTHONY DANIELS (C3-P0). hear, but couldn't see it; And when they took my head off my character, ANTHONY was looking me straight in the eye. s me, shook my hand and said, “It was wonderful! \” C3-P0 said I was wonderful! ... On the first day of rehearsals (of The Force Awakens), we were told that 'HARRISON FORD had broken his leg so we should shoot some scenes later than planned. "

Continued) Keith: We did get a "little" break from HARRISON's injury so when we got back on set a few months later, it was to shoot the scenes outside. HARRISON was there too, and that's where I first saw the MILLENNIUM FALCON; And it was quite a sight! My role in the movie was to take care of the necessary repairs to the MILLENNIUM FALCON and the X-WINGS and, indeed, GOSS fixed a lot of things! GOSS TOOWERS 'first on-screen appearance is when the MILLENNIUM FALCON lands on the Resistance base and I only have a small can of fuel to fill its tank. During my breaks during the shoot I could watch the shots through a combo box and a pair of headphones, then I could judge the beauty of other people's work. It was very moving to see CARRIE and HARRISON together. Their chemistry was amazing.When I think of STAR WARS, I would always be grateful to The Force Awakens for giving me the opportunity to bring together a character who is now dear to me, as well as for allowing me to meet so many people who have become wonderful friends.

Morgan: What are your career plans now?

Keith: At the moment all my projects are on hiatus due to the COVID-19 crisis affecting the whole world, so I spend my free time with my family, I have done a lot of gardening and maintenance. from home to keep me busy. Professionally, I have given a lot of interviews like the one I do for your UNIVERSTAR MAGAZINE now, and it has been a lot of fun. There have also been quite a few video conferences , personalized birthday messages for fans, and commercials highlighting my work. I miss being on a film set and I can't wait to see how the near future of the cinema world will be organized.

Morgan: What role would you dream of having?

Keith: I guess I make a living from my dream job since, since I was young, I have always wanted to become an actor. Becoming an adult by appearing in the theater, in TV series or in films has been and always is an incredible journey to me. eyes One of the creatures I would like to play on screen would be a gorilla or a chimpanzee Any kind of monkey, actually I like the movies in the PLANET OF THE APES and I would love to appear in one of them or anything like that. I really like the original movies, where the actors were made up to look like monkeys. At the time they were released in rooms, the rendering of their makeup was really out of the ordinary. The new films in the series are just as impressive: They mainly use CGI or Motion Capture, which is a very physical job. little "MoCap" for an animated film, some scenes i involved the addition of sound design and were filmed in the studio, but a film like those

- this requires working on location, with real sets and actors, so that the end result is "the best of both worlds. But if the studios went back to the same idea as the original films and used makeup, I would love to Try the challenge !

Morgan: Can you tell us about your experience in France during our convention?

Keith: I had a wonderful time at the UNIVERSTAR convention, I was invited to come by MORGAN UNIVERSTAR and when I finally met him I was happy to see how humble and kind he was to ME - In fact, all his family showed the same care, and if I may, I take this opportunity to give a special mention here to his wife, CHRYSTELLE, who was delicious! It was my first visit in France and it was a charming moment, it's always rewarding to meet the fans and chat with them, since I don't speak French, I thought I would just have to wave my hand and move my head , but I had some exciting conversations with everyone who stopped to say hello to me. I had the chance to meet and sympathize with ANDARIEL HERVE LAMPLE who served as translator, myself and my colleague PAUL WARREN when it was necessary. I love going to conventions, and coming to France was a great experience that I hope to repeat one day or another ... And maybe I will even take the opportunity to see more of this beautiful country. STAR WARS is such a universal work that, whatever your language of origin, every fan knows what STAR WARS is to them and so it's easy to strike up a conversation. Half the way is done in the first few seconds.

Morgan: What can we wish you?

Keith: That's a question that's difficult for me to answer right now, but I'll pick up on what I said in response to a question you asked me earlier: I mentioned that I was an actor. specializing in characters that require wearing a costume, so I'm making a little “back to business” via a soccer team I work for as a mascot. It's still early to talk about this as the sporting season is just around the corner. about to start but, by the time this article goes live, things will probably have evolved a bit more I hope to see filming resuming soon but, again, all TV or movie studios have to take new security measures that will have to be adjusted. Before the COVID-19 crisis, I had a lot of work waiting for me that was canceled or postponed until next year. hope that the conventions will resume. The only thing we can do is continue to supporting each other The Arts have suffered tremendously from this crisis, so I hope everyone remembers that when we were in lockdown, it was to the Arts that we looked for solace ... So let's help them keep their balance!

Morgan: A final word for our readers?

I would just like to say a big "THANK YOU" for inviting me to be "The Godfather" of UNIVERSTAR MAGAZINE. I hope the video I made for the occasion made you smile a little. 'feel free to follow me on all social media and if your readers want to know how to get autograph or personalized video message then please contact me to your readers i wish you keep healthy and have a future joyful. "May the Force be with you"

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